Thursday, October 17, 2013

7:2 - Propagandistic

When & Where: I was reading Content-Area Writing for Monday's class when I came across this word on page 33: "In a history class, students were asked to examine a rather propagandistic 1860 newspaper drawing depicting Native Americans attacking homesteaders."

Level of Familiarity: I know what the word propaganda means, so I'm assuming that this word is another form of it and has the same/similar meaning. Although I've never seen this word before I can make a very accurate guess as to what it means. I wasn't aware that you could use propaganda in a sentence this way.

What it Means: "A person involved in producing or spreading propaganda" (www.dictionary.com)

Reflective Commentary: After reading the definition my initial assumption was correct. This is not a word I think I will ever use; however, I thought it was very interesting because I had never come across it before.

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